Warangal-Srinu-LigerNot many know him outside film circles, at least not in the league of his rival distributor in the south, Dil Raju. Yet, as a distributor, Warangal Srinu has had quite a few hit films in his kitty. He was also called a man with the golden touch, just like Dil Raju. But Srinu says while no one writes about Dil Raju’s losses, he is being targeted for no reason.

Prior to Liger, Warangal Srinu had distributed films like Husharu, Kabali, iSmart Shankar, Gaddala Konda Ganesh, Naandhi, and Krack, among others. He attributes the failure of Liger to a well-executed plan. In fact, “sabotage” is the word, says he while speaking to a popular tabloid.

Srinu is also miffed with the way the social media netizens are passing judgment on stars, films, producers, directors, distributors, etc., and misleading the public from the word go. He blames them for many people not going to theatres by reading false reviews. Srinu claims that most of the allegations are made even without watching the film.

While he agrees that Liger’s lead man Vijay Devarakonda overacts or overreacts during press interactions, labeling a movie or boycotting it is cheap politics, he says about the film industry. As far as he is concerned, he says he liked all of Liger, except for the last 7 to 10 minutes of climax.

Some people on social media are saying that it looks like Srinu still hasn’t learned his lesson and blaming others for the failure of Liger instead of the makers. Many are advising him to be active on social media to get a correct judgment of the films.