Sabaash Naidu, Sabaash Naidu Controversy, Sabaash Naidu Movie Controversy, Sabaash Naidu Troubles, Sabaash Naidu Problems Right from the commencement of shooting of ‘Sabaash Naidu’, the film’s progress and pace are being marred by one thing or the other. First, it was director Rajeev who fell ill and had to be replaced. Kamal Haasan took the reins of direction into his hands.

Then, it was the turn of editor James Joseph who had to exit the project under unavoidable circumstances as his wife met with an accident. He had to go back to Kerala from his Los Angeles schedule. The next technicians to exit is cinematographer Jayakrishna Gummadi.

It is said that Kamal Haasan wasn’t satisfied with the work progress and the pace of the cameraman and hence is thinking of replacing him. Meanwhile, we know that Kamal was seriously hurt and fractured his leg while he was in his Chennai Office. Hence, taking rest to recover. So, we are going to see a new cinematographer working for ‘Shabash Naidu’ whenever the next schedule begins.