Sensless Talk On NTRAll the while, there was a talk that Chiranjeevi is an iron leg and every film he associates with turns out to be a dud. They used the same argument when Laal Singh Chaddha, a Bollywood biggie presented by Chiru in Telugu bombed at the box office.

Now, a similar argument is being made about Jr NTR. They are saying Tarak attended the promotional campaign of Bramhastra and the film opened to bad reviews.

But what needs to be noted that, be it Chiru or Tarak is that the film has to have what it takes to pull the audience. A hero attending the promotional campaign can build some buzz of sorts but it can’t entirely influence the box office returns.

Even if we take the above mentioned argument on Jr NTR, there’s no credibility to it. Regardless of the talk, Bramhastra is pulling audience in surprisingly huge numbers. It is expected to have a Rs 100 crores weekend. It is on pace to breakeven in Telugu by today, which is just its second day at the box office.

So, the narrative to use the Chiranjeevi scenario on Tarak, saying he is the iron leg for Bramhastra doesn’t make any sense. The film is well on course to go big at the box office. This will just end up as another pointless fanwar.