Rajamouli NTR RRRThe Oscars month is finally here and the gala event is set to be held on the 12th of March. Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Rajamouli and others will be attending the event. The Academy has even announced that Rahul Sipligunj and Kala Bhairava will perform a musical of Naatu Naatu live on stage.

Now that RRR’s Oscars run has hit top gear, a section of media has started their duty of defaming RRR and the people behind it.

There’s already a senseless report from a media outlet that Jr NTR is upset about Rajamouli highlighting Ram Charan on global stage, including the Good Morning America Show, and the HCA Awards event.

These media outlets will soon start writing reports on cooked up topics like the ones below.

Producer Danayya Upset With Rajamouli About Not Getting Any Mention at RRR’s Oscar Ceremony

Rajamouli Deeply Hurt About Not Winning Oscars – Best Director Award

NTR Avoiding Ram Charan’s Phone Calls After Getting Hurt About Disparity in Fame

NTR’s Wife Pranathi Also Not Talking To Upasana After Seeing Ram Charan’s Global Fame

If Naatu Naatu Doesn’t Win the Oscars : How Rajamouli Wasted Danayya’s Money for Nothing

Rajamouli Tried to Cheat Everyone but Failed Badly, Oscar Credit Goes to Rahul Sipligunj

These are the kind of pointless topics that everyone knows comes from blind hatred but that can’t stop these select media houses from rolling out such crappy content.

With RRR heading for the Oscars, the days preceding and successive the big event will be loaded with these sadistic and cynical stories.

Image Source: Newyorker