Senior Star Hero Fat-Shamed On Social MediaThe other day, Kollywood’s latest sensation Lokesh Kanagaraj released a BTS video in which Vikram, aka Kamal Haasan, is seen doing pushups to look fit in the climax action scenes.

Soon after the video was out, many on social media praised Kamal Haasan for his dedication at this age for a movie. Some also thanked Lokesh for releasing the off-screen hard work done by Kamal for the film.

But on the other hand, a few trolls were pulling Kamal Haasan down by saying his big fat belly is visible in the video. A few were even throwing jokes at Kamal, saying that he is not even able to do proper pushups. He is even targeted as a show-off man by the toxic-minded people on social media platforms.

These trolls must realize that Kamal Haasan is doing this kind of hard work at the age of 67. His dedication to his profession and craft is unmatchable and is an inspiration to every actor.