Senior Heroes Facing Flak for Looks!

Senior Heroes Balakrishna & Venkatesh Facing Flak for Looks!The posters of two senior heroes have come out today. Both the heroes are facing flak for their looks. It’s clear that the poor getups of the senior heroes didn’t please even the die-hard fans. The first look poster of Balakrishna from ‘Ruler’ was totally disappointing.

Though Balakrishna has clearly lost some weight, the poor getup and editing made even his die-hard fans hide from sharing the first look poster of ‘Ruler’ in social media groups. The designing team of the movie are at fault for approving this poorly edited pic as the first look poster.

The minimum fans expect from a star hero is a well-designed poster with a pleasing look. They are deprived even that simple thing. It’s no different with Venkatesh, as well. The latest poster of ‘Venky Mama’ is a big example of why the senior star needs to work on his looks.

Both the senior heroes are facing flak for not taking the slightest care to improve their looks. However, Naga Chaitanya’s look as the paramilitary agent has hidden Venky getup’s weakness. For Balakrishna, he is solo and that poor editing and designing is showing off quite clearly.

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