Srikanth-Ooha-DivorceEvery now and again, we keep hearing rumors and speculations about the marital lives of actors and actresses. And more often than not, there are just wild cooked-up stories. The same has happened with senior hero Srikanth now.

Earlier, there were rumors that Srikanth and his wife Uma Maheshwari, popular with her stage name, Ooha, are parting ways and are going for a divorce. Srikanth took it upon himself to settle the dust surrounding the rumors.

“I don’t know who started these senseless rumors and why they did it. A few websites are writing that I and Ooha are taking divorce over financial matters. I am urging everyone not to entertain such offensive and false rumors.” Srikanth wrote in a communication to the media.

The senior actor added that his wife panicked after seeing these rumors on social media that were forwarded by her friends. She then showed me the same and I decided to put an end to it by myself.

Srikanth added that the Cyber Crime department should take firm action against those who spread these rumors.