SharadaYesteryear actress Sharada is hale and healthy at her residence in Chennai. But then, a section of media on Sunday morning has reported that the senior actress passed away due to an age-related illness. The rumor spread like a wildfire on social media creating panic among her fans and well-wishers.

Sharada was flooded with phone calls and she has to send a voice note to the media saying that there is no truth in those rumors.

“I am completely healthy. Someone published this imaginary news and pained many people. I am getting non-stop calls. This is very wrong. Jobless people should find some work. It is not right to disturb people this way. Please mend your ways at least now,” the message said.

It is very cruel for someone to clarify that he or she is alive especially in old age. What is more disappointing is that such instances keep happening again and again. It is very important to verify such reports before letting them out in media publications.