radhika-simbuIs Shimbu’s beep song controversy bigger than the issue of the juvenile rapist in Nirbhaya’s case walking out free because of some technical reasons? This question from senior actress Radhika Sharat Kumar crosses our mind and makes us think twice on how a trifle thing done in privacy, got public and blown out of proportions.

Radhika voiced her support to Shimbu and took heavy criticism of those who are creating big issue of the beep song released unofficially by some miscreants. She also slung mud on others saying that no actor can be exception to the fact that actors use cuss words in front of cameras. Except Rajnikanth and Vijay, other actors could make their content pass through Censor without beeping the cuss words.

She warns that this can happen to anyone even for signing in bathroom or taking a selfie. While Shimbu got support from Radhika, the Nadigar Sangam took a stand against the actor and condemned the beep song. Here Shimbu went to underground to prevent his arrest and jail till his case goes to High Court on 4th January, 2016.