Selfies are becoming the latest trend in the world today and the Tollywood hotshots are not to be left out. Indeed, many Telugu film stars are happily hopping in the bandwagon and posting self shots of their bulging biceps or toned abs on their social media sites like Twitter.

Case in point is Samantha’s designer Neeraja Kona who actively posts selfies on her social page with celebs earns most brownies for sharing selfie photos with Samantha and other stars of the movies she works for. Meanwhile Sneha Ullal created quite an online buzz when her pole dancing selfies hit the internet.

Our heroes are also not far behind. Recently, Sundeep Kishen got into the selfie scene by posting a workout selfie that had been clicked when he was lifting some weights while Rana Daggubati posted a selfie showing his bulging biceps.

Now while some people are calling it blatant narcissism, it is clear that Tollywood stars are loving the trend!