Guna 369Karthikeya literally lost all the attention that he has got by the virtue of his blockbuster film ‘Rx 100’. Right after the blockbuster, he delivered a complete dud in the form of ‘Hippi‘ that threw him back to be a struggling actor.

Now, he is creating self hype on his next ‘Guna 369’ announcing the teaser’s release date. He calls this new movie ‘Intense Hard-Hitting Emotional Mass Movie’, and also stated that the director of the movie Arjun Jandyala would be remembered for long.

Karthikeya admitted that he failed to meet the expectations with his last release and promised that ‘Guna 369’ would make their team proud, big time. That’s a tall promise, and it’s too early to even decide for himself.

However, we know that he must be doing this for creating self hype on him. As we opined in our earlier write-ups on him, his strength lies in action scenes and his huge presence would help that. Let’s see how far this self hype would take him.