Sekhar KammulaIt could probably be the first time in the career of Sekhar Kammula. The star director is looking beyond his current and planning a second film back to back.

As we all know Sekhar Kammula is currently working on Love Story. It stars Naga Chaitanya and Sai Pallavi in the lead. The movie is in the final stages of completion. Like many other films, the lockdown has delayed its release. As soon as it is lifted, the director is planning to wrap up the shoot and also post-production.

Love Story will be among the first set of fresh releases, post the lifting of lockdown. However, the critical development concerning Sekhar Kammula here is that he is looking beyond the Akkineni hero flick.

For the first time in his career, Sekhar Kammula has agreed to do a new film even before the release of his current one, i.e. Love Story. Narayan Das Narang, the producer of Love Story, has signed him for a new flick. It will reportedly feature a star hero.

What it also showcases is the confidence of the makers on the project. If what the producers believe comes true, then Akkineni fans could be in for a treat with Love Story. It is the reason for their happiness despite knowing that Sekhar Kammula has other things on his mind.