Sekhar Kammula Is Shattered and HelplessThe shocking incident of a 4-year-old girl being sexually assaulted by the driver of the principal of her school shook the entire nation.

According to the reports, the girl was repeatedly assaulted over a span of many months, and it came to light only recently when the parents of the victim noticed changes in her behavior.

Prolific director Sekhar Kammula has expressed his anguish and disgust over the incident in a social media post. He wrote, “Horrific act. I am feeling shattered and helpless. My heart bleeds for the parents who are putting up such a brave fight. We cannot compromise on child safety by taking it for granted. We all have to wake up and the system has to react. We have to create a child-safe environment. We need awareness, vigilance, and education. If we break the trust of our children, we will end up creating a society of fear.”

Sekhar Kammula’s previous movie, Love Story, also dealt with the issue of child sexual abuse. He showed how relatives and neighbors sexually abuse young girls.