Seetimaar​ Official TeaserSeetimaar is the second film in the combination of Gopichand and director Sampath Nandi. It is a sports drama, and the teaser of the movie is out now.

Sampath Nandi is a brand in a way irrespective of the success or the failure. He has got a mass sensibility that reminds us of the past Telugu cinema mass blockbusters era. When he announced, Seetimaar as a sports drama, it attracted curiosity but also sparked certain imagination. The teaser lives up to that ‘imagination’.

Seetimaar, as expected, coming from Sampath Nandi is an out and out mass affair. The ‘sports’ element is the fresh backdrop here, much like the ‘rich’ setup in Goutham Nanda. The sport here is Kabaddi. The rest is what one expects from the director, and he is okay on that terrain.

The teaser promises an action-packed sports drama. The dialogues could have been better, but it looks like there is ample scope for heroism. The ‘Kabaddi’ further adds to that aspect. If handled well, Seetimaar could prove to be the much-needed comeback for Gopichand.

Check out the teaser below. Tamannah is the heroine in the movie. Mani Sharma provides the music. The background already stands out with the trademark energy. Seetimaar hit cinemas on April 2nd for the Good Friday holiday.