Seetimaarr Leaving aside the delayed releases, Macho Star Gopichand is trying every new formula that is working at the box office. Some might have started earlier, but eventually, when they arrive are becoming part of the followers.

It is not a recent phenomenon and has been happening for a long time. Gopichand career’s biggest success, Loukyam has been a result of the same. It was a time when the existing formula worked to his benefit. None of the others after that have worked in his favour, though.

The latest on the anvil is a masala filled sports drama, Seetimaar. Sampath Nandi directs the movie which is his second association with the actor after Gautham Nanda. The director knows the mass pulse and a sports backdrop movie with a different take could work in Gopichand’s favour. However, one thought the same with a spy thriller movie, and we all know how it turned out.

Gopichand is in dire need of a success. Seetimaar will arrive in summer amidst heavy competition. Let’s hope it has a fresh content within the formulaic space to deliver the much-needed breather to the actor who once was a strong force among the second league stars.