Kalamandir SVSC

The fashion trends of the film industry have always impressed the Indian audience. Many a time people are seen sporting clothes which are imitations of some particular stuff an actor or actress wore in a hit film. Salesmen have been known to lure customers saying ‘Dasara Bullodu saree, Premanagar saree’ which seem to be hit among Indian women.

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To make the most of the opportunity, popular clothing chain brand, Kalamandir, has started movie tie-ups to supply the costumes needed during the scenes of wedding which included supplies for films like Varudu, Mogudu, Gabbar Singh.

The latest film project for Kalamandir is ‘Sitamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’, which is a family themed film and includes a horde of middle class and upper middle class traditional costumes instead of going for that were supplied by Kalamandir.

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