RGV threats

Ram Gopal Varma owning to the topics he chooses for making movies always gets himself into trouble from one organization or the other. The bigger the controversial topics he chooses the bigger the threats he gets. Recently the director has again delved into underworld and made a film called Satya-2. It seems that this film has irked some anti-social elements who have now threatened RGV.

The result of these threats is that the security for the director has been increased by the police. RGV himself stated this in his official social networking account Twitter that he has been getting threats from some unknown people and hence his security has been increased. Meanwhile his next release Satya-2 has been postponed from October 25 to November 8.

The point to be noted here is that RGV himself inserted the film Satya-2 into this whole threat and security issues. He has in the past done much more riskier subjects than this film and has remained supremely confident despite any threat issues. Could this then be a publicity stunt for the film? Well our cynical mind has become used to this thanks to the man, RGV himself. Don’t blame us, blame him for such cynical thoughts, but do let us know what do you think of this whole security and Satya-2 issue?