Ram Charan 100 Crore RemunerationRam Charan and NTR are hogging the limelight with RRR whirlwind promotions across the country. Ram Charan who plays Alluri Sita Rama Raju in Rajamouli’s RRR is keen on making it big in Bollywood this time and making amends to his earlier failure of Zanjeer.

Meanwhile, for the last few days, there is a PR exercise around Ram Charan. A PR team has been trying to pump news that Ram Charan has increased his remuneration to 100 Crore per film. The reports said this is the paycheque for his next two films – #RC15 and #RC15.

However, Ram Charan himself debunked these reports. The star, in an interview, was asked if it is true. In reply, the actor said, “I would like to know where those 100 crores are.” That is a brave answer for sure. But then, it is interesting to know who is really behind this. Obviously, if Ram Charan is behind that, he would not thrash it so bluntly.

Who is working for Ram Charan even without the star’s knowledge? Who is funding them? are interesting questions that arise in this episode. Leaving all this aside, the success of RRR and the positive response for his performance can be the biggest PR exercise for Ram Charan than anything else.