Nikhil, Nikhil Sudheer Varma, Nikhil Sudheer Varma New Movie, Nikhil Sudheer Varma New Movie Updates, Nikhil Siddhartha Sudheer Varma New Movie UpdatesActor Nikhil and director Sudheer Varma’s last outing ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ was a phenomenal success at box-office which paved way for Nikhil to be recognised as one of the successful young stars in Tollywood. Now the duo is going to gang up again.

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This time, Sudheer Varma is coming up with a fresh script with Nikhil playing a village guy with a haunting past. The secret past will pose a lot of problems for this guy who comes to college to study. There will also be a lot of realistic action. Nikhil will be sporting a short haired look with a beard for that rustic look.

Though Sudheer Varma is only a couple of films old, he shows great freshness in the script. His films ‘Swamy Ra Ra’ and ‘Dochey’ had freshness too, though the latter didn’t work. A film from Sudheer and Nikhil is definitely an interesting project and as far as the synopsis of the story goes, it sounds a good one.

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