Legendary superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are very famous and renowned for their acting work however it is a lesser known fact that the idolized star Rajinikanth credits his success in the film world to Haasan. Rajinikanth, who is often referred to as ‘Super Star’, said that as a young actor he always looked up to Haasan and he attributes all his accomplishments to legendary celebrity Kamal Haasan.

The actor Rajinikanth is very famous for his humble nature in spite of all his fame and stardom and told in a recent media interview that whenever he was one of Kamal’s sets and it was his shot, he wouldn’t move from his seat so as to see him acting. Another important secret about the two actors’ friendship is that it was Kamal’s idea to remain friends regardless of their fans’ opinions. And the two actors have been close friends for all these years because of absolutely no ego issues.