Dil Raju TejaswiniDil Raju’s second marriage created a lot of buzz in the film circles and media. After losing his first wife Anitha to cardiac arrest, he again got married to Tejaswini in 2020.

Dil Raju’s daughter Hanshita Reddy and son Harshith reddy recently gave an interview to a news channel. In the interview, Harshith revealed that it was Hanshita who convinced her father for second marriage.

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Harshith said, “Hanshita is very matured. Since she is married, she understands the needs of the opposite gender. She realized that her father cannot continue living his life alone and needed a life partner. Initially, dad didn’t agree, but we convinced him.”

Hanshita added that she and her stepmother Tejaswini share a healthy relationship.

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It’s rare that children agree to the second marriage of their parents. It is commendable on Hanshita’s part that she behaved so maturely and understood the needs of her father and convinced him for second marriage.