Ram Kishore kumar thummalaTelugu cinema usually churns out record number of movies as a film industry year after year. Take the current year for example which will see a record breaking 200 releases by the end of the year. Add the previous year we would have approximately over 300 films released in the last two year.

Now when we look back only a handful of filmmakers actually among this 300 plus films get a second chance to make film. That is why they are lucky and Kishore Tirumala has now joined that lucky club. Kishore who? You may ask! Well he is the director of a small film that released almost a year ago called Second Hand. He will be now directing Ram for his second venture.

Ram is looking at various scripts to bounce back. He has tried experienced directors, directors who have seen failures so that they could bounce back, hit directors etc but nothing has worked so far. Looks like he is now going after a young talent to test his luck at box office, will it work for him?