Raja-Sekhar---KalkiPrashanth Varma won huge praise for his first film ‘Awe!’ from a section of a target audience who like to watch out of box films. But looks like he failed to pass the second film sentiment in Tollywood with the “not so good” talk of Rajasekhar’s Kalki.

The director and the senior hero had all their expectations on Kalki to deliver and Rajasekhar was hoping the film to turn aid to his career. But seems like nothing much happened as awaited.

This is there in Tollywood with the energetic young directors like Prashanth Varma and a lot of others in the recent history of Telugu cinema have delivered the best with their first films, but failed to live up to the mark with their second ones.

People waited to see if Prashanth would break that sentiment just as Shiva Nirvana and Gowtam Tinnanuri but unfortunately he fell victim of the second film failure. More than him, hero Rajasekhar would be in loss if the film terribly fails. Let’s see.