second-day-trouble-for-NTR-Nannaku-PremathoHow many theatres can Jr.NTR get for his ‘Naannaku Prematho’ releasing this Sankranthi season? On the first day, his festival release would get around 1000 screens in both the Telugu States out of roughly 1700 screens. But from second day onwards, the scenario would change.

Balakrishna’s ‘Dictator’, Nagarjuna’s ‘Soggaada Chinni Naayana’ and Sharwanand’s ‘Express Raja’ will arrive to take away some screens from NTR. So the screen count of NTR film will come down and hence even the revenues will go down. We know, producers try to release their films during any festival season to benefit big.

However this tough competition is going to hamper the expected benefit in the form of revenues and breaking or making records. Four releases for Sankranthi will be like a feast for audiences because they will have more options to choose from.