Second Allegation on Nani!As far as public knows about Nani, he holds a clean image as a family guy who has made a place in the industry with sheer hard work and talent. It came as a surprise when Madhavi Latha brought in Nani’s name in one of the recent interviews.

Once again, Nani’s name surfaced in Sri Reddy‘s Facebook post alleging that he had used many small-time actresses and he is also too head strong. Sri Reddy compared him to Ram Charan, Mahesh Babu and NTR asking him to learn manners from the stars who behave well inspite of coming from effluent families.

Sri Reddy used derogatory language on the Natural star without mentioning his name directly. She gave enough clues that she was talking about Nani hoping big way that his popularity fades away, very soon. We know how Shekhar Kammula’s response has irked her even more. Will Nani make the same mistake like Shekhar Kammula did?