Script paramount for TamannahTamannah, one of the sought after actress, is returning to Tamil cinema after a gap of three years. While everybody in the industry assumed that she ran out of work and since she gave preference to Telugu industry, producers in Tamil were not interested to cast her, Tamannah said it wasn’t a conscious decision to stay away.

She said that she always maintained that the script is paramount to her and language is never the issue. She admits that a lot her initial success was in Tamil, and she deeply cherishes that. But she added that It was just that she wasn’t able to make enough time to work here, nor did she want to rush myself. She added that her fans expect a lot from her, and therefore, she didn’t want to sign on any film, just for the sake of it.

Tamannah is paired opposite Ajith Kumar in Veeram, which is coming out for Sankranti. Meanwhile, she will soon join the sets of Mahesh Babu film Aagadu after the release of Veeram.