Varma Tamil Movie- Online WatchTo scrap a fully made movie and reshoot with a fresh director created a lot of curiosity among the fans in case of ‘Arjun Reddy’ remake in Tamil with Dhruv Vikram.

The first version was directed Bala titled ‘Varmaa’ and the second version ‘Adhitya Varma’ was helmed by director Gireeshayya. The former that was scrapped by the makers of the movie is now coming as an OTT release.

The curiosity and speculations about this scrapped version will be obvious. The movie will also bring into light director Bala’s version of ‘Arjun reddy‘ and how he perceived it. Most importantly, the heroine of the first version was also replaced. We’ll get to watch her now.

Considering Bala’s talent as a filmmaker, there would be a set of audiences who might like his version. Let’s wait and see.