heat wave effect in hyderabadEvery year we think that the heat wave this year is worse than the previous year. However this is not a coincidence and is going to be a norm in the next few years. Experts say that Hyderabad will only get worse in terms of heat year by year.

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Usually the city suffers maximum of five heat wave days in a year but this can go up to as many as 40 days per year in future. This was predicted by a research paper titled Climate change scenarios for Hyderabad: Integrating uncertainties and consolidation’ by Matthias K B Ludeke, Martin Budde, Oleksandr Kit, Diana Reckien of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany.

For an instance the highest temperature on May 22nd in Hyderabad is 44.3 degrees. It is expected to have increased by 5 degrees from the last few years.The hottest day ever recorded in the city was on June 2, 1966, when the temperature shot up to 45.6 degrees Celsius. The Met department says there is a chance that this record be broken this year itself.

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