virat-kohli-audi-car-scam-call-center-fraud-person-sagar-thakkar-buysThere has been a lot of news recently regarding the call centre scam where a group of call centre employees from Mumbai impersonated tax officials and extorted money from innocent citizens of USA. The mastermind of this whole scam was allegedly revealed to be Sagar Thakkar alias Shaggy and some new facts have come to light regarding him.

As it turns out, Shaggy had bought an Audi R-8 car worth Rs. 3 crores from celebrated Indian cricketer Virat Kohli in May this year. Kohli was unaware of Thakkar’s background and is has no link to the scam. The vehicle was seized from Rohtak and Shaggy had paid Rs 50 lakh to the cricketer and had to pay another Rs 20 lakh to complete the transaction. The ownership of the vehicle had also not been transferred to him as he was yet to submit his PAN card.

Even as new facts come to light, Thakkar is hiding somewhere and has managed to evade arrest so far. He is suspected to be in hiding Duba along with his sister Reema who is also alleged to be involved in the scam.