This Is How I Am Says Lakshmi Manchu on Her Fashion StyleLakshmi Manchu always stays one step ahead from others. Mostly in terms of costumes and looks, there is surely no one who can match her in Tollywood.

But there is also a different side to this as Lakshmi often gets trolled big time for her weird fashion sense and the way she dresses up in real life public events.

Speaking about the same, Lakshmi in an interview said that her choice of the way she looks comes from inside and it showcases her true personality which she does not want to hide.

Adding further, Lakshmi said that she doesn’t mind wearing some bold costumes as they showcase her mind and who she is actually in real life. She also said that if she does not like a particular dress even though it is made by the top designer, she will not wear it.

Comfort is what takes the cake for her and she makes it a fashion statement when she is just herself says Lakshmi Bomb.