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I Saw a Lot of Shit – Nithin

I Saw a Lot of Shit - NithinInitially, when his films started turning out to be flops, Nithin was like, “It’s common for any actor to have 2-3 consecutive disasters.” But then, the flops continued counting, ‘three, four, five … ten, eleven, twelve’ and more. It was a bad phase in his career with 12 plus flops in his kitty.

Speaking about this phase, Nithin said that he saw a lot of shit during the time but didn’t go into the depression. His confidence levels were inconsistent but that didn’t lead him to feel hopeless. Some advised him to leave the film industry and try something else. He knew, he is here as an actor and he will do only films.

As a producer, Nithin delivered a dud in the form of ‘Akhil‘, the Akkineni scion’s debut movie. Nithin said, he doesn’t have any differences with Akhil, whatsoever. But, he feels bad for the failure of Akhil’s debut movie. He vows that, one day he will give a successful film for Akhil as he felt more bad for Akhil’s flop than his own flops. The actor sees that Akhil has grown stronger by the day.