Savyasachi Trailer Talk: Keeps The Interest Alive And Kicking Sometimes it is enough if a trailer maintains the interest alive without spoiling the impact of the teaser. Savyasachi trailer is a perfect example of that scenario where the first tease but superbly cut and raised the expectations on the movie.

The trailer does an excellent job in establishing the tone of the movie. One look at it, and it is clear what we are into going in the cinemas. The loudness is revealed, and so is the background set up. With the teaser in mind, we know what to expect from the movie. All that one needs now is a cohesive and engaging narrative.

There are high expectations from Savyasachi. It was always build up as the big one to take Naga Chaitanya to the next level. The delay did slightly affect the impact, but the trailer has helped in regaining the momentum. Is that enough to recover the lost ground will be known around the release time?

Check out the trailer below. Chandoo Mondeti directs the action entertainer starring Naga Chaitanya and Nidhi Agarwal. Madhavan and Bhumika Chawla play other vital roles. MM Keeravani provides the music. The Mythri Movie Makers production will hit cinemas on November 2nd.