Saving Baahubali from Kochadaiiyaan effectsTechnically, we are talking about the brilliant visual effects of ‘Baahubali’ and lauding the efforts of hundreds of VFX artists who have been involved to bring out the international flavour with the minimal finances and resources available. The main motto is saving ‘Baahubali’ from ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ kind of poor VFX works.

The makers of Baahubali have associated themselves with Firefly Creative Studio right from the preproduction stage of the epic project. That implies the CGI and VFX team of the studio was in continuous collaboration with the making of the film at various stages.

Elaborating further, the kind of visual effects would be decided first visualising the characters, sets and characterisations; then a blueprint would be given. This would ensure that the art director, cinematographer and the action director work in coordination for the final output.

P.C.Sanath, the visual effects supervisor gives a vivid description of creating the right kind of atmosphere is technically very important for such tech-driven movies but if the story fails to connect emotionally to audiences, no technical support is going to actually support the movie and save it.

In case of ‘Baahubali’, Sanath opines that the technical brilliance supports the content and he is sure because his studio and team is very well aware of the story and the characterisations which gave them an insight in totality.