satya devWith success come a lot of other things in the form of gossips. Actor Satyadev is a guy who has been growing very fast and like on others, there are some allegations on him that he doesn’t promote his movies as much as required.

Whn asked the same in an interview, the actor sees reason behind these allegations. Satyadev says that he treats all his films equally but some of his films got a mention in the form of tweeta by prominent people because they liked the content.

Though he forwards all his movies’ trailers to several celebs, there is no reason to say that they would like all of them and mention them in their tweets and other social media posts, said the actor. Fair enough!

Satyadev is a growing talent who has proven himself with his choice of roles and performance. His recent film ‘Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya’ got him a very good applause for his performance.