‘Satya Kalyanam’ Getting Attention in Bigg Boss HouseBigg Boss Telugu is one of the entertaining TV reality shows. The show is currently in its sixth season. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host. Usually, in every season, one pair will attract the audience and grab their attention. Despite having a married couple (Marina Abraham & Rohith Saini) in the house, one more pair is getting attention in the show. Nagarjuna Akkineni is also promoting the pair during the weekend episodes.

Sri Satya and Arjun Kalyan is the pair. In the first two weeks, the pair played their game individually, but in the third week, they started grabbing the attention of the housemates as well as the audience. On every Saturday and Sunday, Nagarjuna is also addressing the pair and cracking jokes about their chemistry.

For instance, in this week’s Saturday episode, Nagarjuna showcased a video of a dance performance of Shrihan and Sri Satya. In the video, we can see a disappointed Arjun Kalyan feeling possessive and jealous of Shrihan, who is dancing with Sri Satya.

Although Arjun did not agree to the same, it is evident that he has feelings for Sri Satya. She also acknowledges the same at times but is being adamant a lot of times. The pair is entertaining the audiences, but many dislike the fact that Sri Satya is turning down the intentions of Arjun and going harsh on him.

But it is clear that Arjun is getting the support of Sri Satya’s fans, and he will be saved from nominations for at least the next two weeks.