Disclaimer: Hola! This exclusive piece from Mirchi Gossip Girl is for lighter moments. This is purely meant for humor and not intended to offend anyone in particular.

current-theega-manchu-manojHey, your Mirchi Gossip Girl is back. You see I’ve been having troubled conscience these days since the release of Current Theega. To my disappointment, the whole Manchu Family disappointed me pouring water on my expectations. I checked on TV, in newspapers and on web; I was shocked to understand, the Manchus orphaned CT.

Immensely troubled, I took the orphan into my hands, ran to a Fan Club to take up some rescue measures. The president of the the Fan Club looked at the orphan & said, “You see we have no time for normal child like CT. We promote only controversial childs. CT failed to create any controversy till date.”

When asked what kind of controversy he is expecting, the president said, “Take the case of ‘Denikaina Ready’. The Brahmin community raised controversy. For ‘Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda’, it became controversial for copying it from a Hindi film and the ‘Potugaadu’ was caught in trailer leaked controversy.”

“Why do you think there are no controversies surrounding the film?” He sadly observed, “It could have been a controversy if the makers didn’t announe before hand that it was remake. Another missed controversy is on Sunny Leone. Sunny missed only promotions but if she had been missing totally one could have said that overacting in South is the reason.”

“Do you think controversy is gonna help?”. “Ofcourse, controversy means hype. You see even after garnering good talk, Manchus orphaned ‘Rowdy’ and ‘Anukshanam’ recently. Because they were normal. You can understand that it’s really disappointing that our Manoj Babu’s CT couln’t create any kind of controversy. Sad state of affairs.”

With no takers to promote the film, I ran towards Shamshabad to meet Mohan Babu garu. Next day a press note was released reading like this:

Film makers who wanna approach to narrate stories make sure that your story has enough stuff to create atleast a couple of controversies.