akkineni-akhilDisclaimer: Hola! This exclusive piece from Mirchi Gossip Girl is for lighter moments. This is purely meant for humor and not intended to offend anyone in particular.

Akhil Akkineni got up very early in the morning by the stroke of 4 of the clock. Alarm still ringing with Nag voice calling in the back ground, “It’s time for JOGGING. Don’t be still SNORING. TollyWOOD and BollyWOOD calling U’. Putting on his track shoes and specially made calling watch, Akhil set out for 5 km run.

On the way, girls joined him to shake hands and make friends. Again the special alarm reminded him, “It’s time for GYM. Always be SLIM. TollyWOOD and BollyWOOD calling you.” Feeling unhappy to leave the pretty girls, Akhil ran towards the gym to toil for a macho look for a chocolate styled face.

Later, Akhil was as hungry as a lion ready to pounce on yummy toast. Just then the alarm rang in Nag’s voice, “Strictly nutritional DIET and no gain of WEIGHT. You see TollyWOOD and BollyWOOD calling you.” Looking at mamma Amala’s face, he gulped down the protein drink while others finished the yummy toast.

Then rang the alarm, “It’s time for DANCE and don’t ever think of ROMANCE. TollyWOOD and BollyWOOD calling you.” Akhil got ready for dance master who knows gymnastics more and says that’s dancing. Twisting and twirling his body, he got a doubt whether he is practicing for free style filmy dancing or Olympic gymnastics tight rope walking.

“It’s director’s time. SMILE for a MILE and SHOUT beyond DOUBT to scare away goons in your films. TollyWOOD and BollyWOOD calling you.” Practicing mouthing mile long dialogues, Akhil’s eye caught an old newspaper which read, “Titan watch AD made Akhil ‘All India Star’. BollyWOOD calling him.”

While smiles lit up his face, Nag raced in with a brand new edition of a magazine. The top story was titled, “Akhil’s Pepsico Mountain Dew AD caught HollyWOOD film maker’s eye”. Excited, Nag said, “Akhil! Give the alarm wrist watch. Lemme also add HollyWOOD to the alarm ringing tone.” Shouting, “Oh, Nooooo…” Akhil got up from his dream on ‘All WOODS Calling him’.