Sasi Trailer TalkThe trailer of Sashi, the new film of Aadi, is out. It has the actor play a lover boy role. But there is a difference from the routine he has done in the past. It is that ‘change’ that makes Sashi gets noticed.

The trailer starts on a routine note, but soon there is a twist. Is the same revealed in one of the dialogues later? We can know that only in cinemas, but it points towards a ’50 First Dates’ kind of scenario. Of course, there could be a different twist to it altogether.

The dialogues in the trailer stand out for the content it carries. It is entirely in tune with the overall tone of the movie. However, it also runs the risk of turning preachy and formulaic. Let’s hope that is not the case.

The casting looks excellent, and the music needs no mention. It is already a blockbuster. Maybe that is why no song has been put in the trailer, and the focus is entirely on the content.

Aadi has been out of the game as a crowd puller for some time. Sashi could be a perfect comeback for him. The songs should do the trick for the initial, but everything else will depend on how the final output has shaped up.

Check out the trailer below. Surabhi plays the heroine in the movie. Arun Chiluveru has provided the music. Sashi is all set to hit the screens on March 19th.