Sardaar gabbar singh sarainodu teasersTwo films from same camp are releasing two weeks apart. Unlike the last time when they all clashed with films belonging to different genres, this time the clash is between similar sort of films, the mass entertainers. So whether one likes or not at the end of the day these films will be pitted against each other along with going under lots of scrutiny.

So far though one must say it is clearly Sarrainodu which is stealing a march over Sardaar Gabbar Singh. The former starring Allu Arjun has had low buzz initially but the makers promotions is surely keeping it in news over a sustained period of time unlike the Pawan Kalyan starrer which is going through a see-saw of frenzy.

It is clear that Sarrainodu team is going with a plan and has set goal posts accordingly. Sardaar Gabbar Singh on the other hand is running helter-skelter with no real goal set. It is things like these that end up making a difference in the end. With less than ten days to go for the release of SGS, will the unit be able to make a turn around?