Sarkaru Vaari Paata Release DateTollywood is suddenly bustling with activities. Amidst the third wave, the release date of pending films is being announced one after the other and the makers of Mahesh’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata have revealed that their film will be out on the 12th of May worldwide.

Though there are a few fans who are happy that the film, at last, got a date, ardent fans of Mahesh Babu are fearing that May is a scary period to release a film of Mahesh as many of his previous films came in the month of May and were failures.

Mahesh’s noted films like Nijam, Nani, and Brahmotsavam were all May releases and ended as big duds at the box office. So, fans have started worrying about this new date of Sarkaru Vaari Pata and how it would fare at this time.

But one should also observe that Mahesh’s Maharshi also came out in May and was a commercial hit. Thanks to the craze of Mahesh, the film scored well. But content-wise, director Vamsi Paidipalli was trolled for his routine direction and mundane narration of social message.

Things became so tense that fans were worried when news came out that Vamsi Paidipalli will direct Mahesh once again after Maharshi. But luckily that did not happen as Mahesh rejected the script.

All said and done, Sarkari Vaari Pata is a film that was supposed to release on the eve of Sankranthi this year but got postponed thanks to RRR. But now, all decks are cleared and SVP has got a date finally.

The film is yet to wrap up its shoot but as usual, fans on social media are skeptical that May is a dangerous time to release the film and Mahesh should consider the date once again.

But Mahesh and his team are quite clear that whenever the film comes out, it will work as they are confident in Parasuram’s talent and feel that he will at any cost give one big hit to Mahesh Babu and make his position even stronger in TFI.