SVP A Blockbuster: Fans Have A Logic!Tollywood fan groups are always in search of interesting sentiments and logic to predict the box office result of the favorite hero’s next big release. Mahesh Babu‘s fans have one such logic now as they say Sarkaru Vaari Paata will become a box office blockbuster.

“The last time a mega hero film clashed with Mahesh Babu’s film (Bangaram and Pokiri), the latter emerged victorious as Bangaram was a box office dud and Pokiri was a monstrous hit. This time around, Acharya and Sarkaru Vaari Paata are releasing with close vicinity. Acharya is already being termed a failure and if history is anything to go by, Sarkaru Vaari Paata should be a hit.” An ardent fan of Mahesh Babu said.

Another netizen further pointed out that Pawan Kalyan did not have a heroine in Bangaram and this time around, Chiranjeevi did not have a heroine in Acharya. He says this is a speculative pattern that points at SVP’s success.

Well, all that matters is the content in the film. If it has good content, it is destined to click at the box office, else, even n number of logics and sentiments can’t help it. But fans, being fans can’t stop deriving these crazy theories and more often than not, their prediction might indeed turn out to be true.