Director Anil Ravipudi reveals Sarileru -Neekevvaru story‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ is an altogether another league for director Anil Ravipudi and the first time combination of the superstar with the director who is known for his comic touch is an interesting combo for the audiences.

What has he got in store for the audiences? As revealed by Anil Ravipudi himself, the story looks like a regular one with a political leader, a minister and his atrocities. A hero confronting the villain for the greater good.

Nonetheless, the comedy he gives to routine stories is what makes them an entertaining watch. The director and even the senior actress, Vijayashanthi were seen talking about the train episode and how hilarious it is going to be.

An entertainer is what Mahesh Babu’s fans are expecting from Anil Ravipudi, and he seems to be on the right track but with a routine story. If executed well, even routine stories can turn into an entertaining and engaging watch. Hope, ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ is that kind of film.