Sarika asks Shruti to rest - Draft

Sarika mother of actress Shruti Haasan seems to be a worried these days owning to her daughter’s career. No, it has got nothing to do with her lack of success or failure at box office. It is related to her work. Sarika feels that Shruti Haasan is doing too much of work and needs to take some break to relax.

Shruti Haasan has for the past year and half almost worked round the clock without taking any real break. Sarika now hopes that her daughter takes few days off as the work load might start to show on her face and make her look completely tired. Her thoughts seems to echo with Shruti too as she too has been planning to take a small break before starting the shoot of her next set of films. Well if it does her good personally, who are we to say otherwise but do the producers think of it in the same way.