Sardaar Gabbar singh vs Baahubali Opening battle –IIWith just few more days to go for the release of Sardaar Gabbar Singh, time for the second round of update on the opening day battle of SGS with Baahubali. How do the things look now in comparison?

First of all ticket rates have got further hiked in few areas for the film Sardaar Gabbar Singh owning to the huge prices it has been bought at. For example in Krishna territory the ticket prices in both single screens and multiplexes are getting hiked. Also in this territory massive 50 plus benefit shows are being planned. If the hike and benefit shows happen as planned Krishna would most likely be the first territory to cross Baahubali first day record.

Other areas like East and West have high chances like updated earlier. Once again final number depends on the prices and when the shows get started in these areas. Hires are huge and if the shows happen as planned, these two territories too look set for a record according to trade reports. Same would be the case with Nellore with dependency on price hike in smaller centers. Uttar Andhra is ruled out as of now due to no benefit shows allowed.

Nizam is a touch and go situation with a lot depending on benefit shows planned. And finally Ceded and Guntur are expected to be second best in best possible scenario. In final tally, Ugadi holiday and market expansion are set to take Sardaar Gabbar Singh opening as close as possible to Baahubali. Will it cross the line? Check out the next update.