Working with children wonderful experience: Santosh Shivan

National award winning cinematographer Santosh Shivan, who has also directed several films such as Halo, The Terrorist and many more, says working with children is always a wonderful experience. 6 out 12 films he has directed have featured young protagonists, including his upcoming film ‘Inam’.

Santosh said that children are actors with no inhibitions. They are not bothered about how they look on screen vis-a-vis adult actors. He also feels working with them in turn gives him an opportunity to see the world from their perspective. He added that he will continue working them in future as well and will avoid making films with star actors because he can’t afford them.

Sivan, who recently received the Padma Shri, is awaiting the release of ‘Inam’, which will come out in March. The film is about the story of a group of orphans during the Sri Lankan civil war. It features Telugu actress Saritha in an important role along with several kids.