RRR - MM -Keeravani - Sanskrit Rapper.SS Rajamouli’s RRR will have the release of its making video on July 15th as ‘Roar Of RRR’. This is the first time we will get an idea of what Rajamouli is up to with this film. So, the hype and anticipation around the making video is huge.

Popular Rapper Blaaze is in Hyderabad for the Roar Of RRR. He has revealed this himself by posting a picture of himself with MM Keeravani. Blaaze also claims himself to be World’s First Sanskrit Rapper. Rajamouli is known for extensively using Sanskrit verses in his films.

So, we may have something special of such sort in the video. Before the COVID Second Wave, RRR has been announced for October 13th. Fans are almost certain that the Second Wave will force a postponement. But Rajamouli is having October 13th date on the recent posters as well.

We will have to see if he will have the same release date in the video as well. In case if the video has the same release date, we can assume Rajamouli is making a honest attempt to arrive on that day.