Bangarraju - Rowdy Boys - Super MachiThe Sankranthi 2022 season for Telugu cinema commences tomorrow with the release of Bangarraju, Rowdy Boys and Super Machi. A day later, Hero hits the screens. More than the openings, the talk will play a key role at the box office this time.

Sankranthi is the biggest season for movies in Telugu cinema. For years, the biggest of openers and grossers have come in this period. But, Sankranthi 2022 is not the same as before.

The ongoing raging third wave of the pandemic, expected restrictions and fear among people have meant, the bookings are below par than usual for Sankranthi season.

What it means is that a lot will now depend on word of mouth. When it comes to Nagarjuna, it has been the case with his biggest successes. Even if they open low, the talk takes care in the long run. Bangarraju’s prequel, Soggade Chinni Nayana too had a similar trend.

The same is the case with Dil Raju backed products with newcomers. His promotions do the trick along with the word of mouth. Super Machi starring Kalyaan Dhev is a non-starter at the moment, but one can’t entirely write it off given the season.

The last release will be Hero arriving on January 15th. The movie introduces Ashok Galla as a hero and it comes with high production values.

Bangarraju, therefore, is the only biggie and it should be the first choice of the audience initially. What happens later will depend on the final product, which is the same case with other flicks as well. Watch this space to know the latest box office updates of Sankranthi 2022 movies.