Sarkaru Vaari Paata- Radhe Shyam - Bheemla Nayak-F3The Sankranthi 2022 biggies’ dates are out with the announcement of the release date of Sarkaru Vaari Paata. We now look at each movie individually and their advantages if they arrive as promised and expected.

PSPKRana – January 12

The first release in any festival season is advantageous. More so, if there is a clash – forget a clash as big as Sankranthi 2022. Given the star power of Pawan Kalyan, it is a perfect date to exploit it to the maximum. However, the uncertainly of the AP government w.r.t ticket rates might pose a problem.

The real test, however, would be holding theatres across the Telugu states. We saw earlier in the earlier how Krack suffered despite having the best word of mouth and mass appeal. This brings us to the talk – it has to be good, and that’s the only way to score big when arriving first. If it’s not good, the chances of holding theatres reduce significantly.

Sarkaru Vaari Paata – January 13

Any release after the first means a sharing of screens. It means Sarkaru Vaari Paata loses the first-day advantage a little bit. But, it still gets a significant number, as two ‘Big’ films can be easily accommodated in Sankranthi season. Holding theatres is the key, as usual.

Word of mouth for Sarkaru Vaari Paata, too, will play a key role like PSPKRana. Anything poor and the run could be curtailed to the first week.

Radhe Shyam – January 14

The third release of the Sankranthi 2022 season is also a biggie. It is here that the problem arrives for the festival. Unlike the previous years, we have three ‘big’ movies.

Releasing directly on the festival day is a significant advantage for the openings. Near full occupancy is assured irrespective of the talk. If there are enough theatres in the hold, and the world of mouth is decent (not even strong), big numbers are assured over the weekend.

F3 – January 14

F2 came as an underdog along with two biggies for Sankranthi 2019. It emerged as the winner by a considerable margin. F3, as a sequel, will have the bigger craze, but it will still be an underdog like F2.

With Dil Raju backing F3, theatres wouldn’t be an issue. It most likely won’t be huge, to begin with, too. F3 will aim for a solid run during the festival days and have a long run post the festival.

Biggest Gainers (For Openings) – PSPKRana
Biggest Gainers (For Long Run) – Sarkaru Vaari Paata, Radhe Shyam, F3

Biggest Losers (For Opening) – F3, Radhe Shyam, Sarkaru Vaari Paata
Biggest Losers (For Long Run) – PSPKRana

P.S. Long run is purely dependent on the talk.