Sankarabharanam to release in Tamil
Nearly 35 years after it released and left the audiences in awe, one of the finest Telugu films Sankarabharanam by K. Vishwanath will be dubbed and soon released in Tamil. The film will released in digitized format with the same title soon.

One can’t forget the fact that this film changed the way how Telugu industry was viewed by others. It proved to the world that even this industry can provide world class cinema. Be it Somayajulu’s acting or Mahadevan’s music of SPB’s songs, Sankarabharanam was successful in all the departments.

Vishwanath, who directed the film with vision and conviction, doesn’t have high expectations from the release, but he hopes it creates the same magic it did many years ago. He hopes that the youngsters of today watch and appreciate the film like audiences did three decades ago.