Sanjjanaa GalraniDandupalya fame Sanjjanaa Galrani is pretty excited about her new hot photo shoot as she shares one of the pictures saying, “Presenting to all of u new pics of the season , like if u think its a nice pic , repost if u love the pic, 😍have a bright & lovely day ⚔️ my dear instuuuu’s”. Sanjjanaa asked if people like the picture and we’d say she tried good by the picture looks a little shabby.

Showing off her slit with the deep U neck dress, Sanjjanaa tried an intense expression with her eyes. The dress was okay, but the actress seems to have overdone with her makeup. The curls added an extra drama to the look and the maroon background made the picture look old fashioned like the old portfolio pictures. This picture is from the actress’ photo shoot for Out Of Focus Magazine and the photo indeed went out of focus. What do you think?